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VIA Copenhagen Otto Stool (23x39cm)

Via Copenhagen

Meet the new Otto Stool from VIA Copenhagen. The chair is revived from an actual need of Designer Troels Hyldtoft Michelsen. When his twins Otto and Valdemar started to use the bathroom themselves, they couldn't reach the toilet and other stools were too high. It can be used anywhere and for everyone since it comes in three different heights. You can design it yourself so it fits perfectly in your home by choosing between 3 kinds of wood and 10 different kinds of laminate surfaces.

Please contact us and we will make sure you get the right combination of the Otto Stool.  

Height: 19, 35 or 47 cm

Designed by Troels Hyldtoft Michelsen.

VIA Copenhagen is small Danish design shop and carpentry producing classically designed furniture, mostly by hand, directly in their workshop at Præstø in Denmark

NB: Since all VIA Copenhagen's furniture are made to order, the delivery time is minimum 5 weeks. 

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