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Piffany Copenhagen Mr Wattson LED lamp (W15.5 x D27.6 x H18-40 CM)

Piffany Copenhagen

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Meet Mr Wattson, truly a lamp with its own fun personality. Developed by Piffany Copenhagen he can, thanks to his flexibility and balance, be placed in many different positions, either relaxed and laidback with both legs on the table or dangling cheerfully with the legs from the shelf edge. He is made of ash wood and high-grade metal alloy and comes with a vintage car inspired headlight in different colors. 

He comes equipped with a 2,2 meter Cotton Brown cable and a 2,5W G9 LED bulb. 

Piffany Copenhagen offers stylish design with a distinctive Danish and Scandinavian aesthetic. They thrive at the point where practical functionality meets simplicity and elegant minimalism. Through collaboration with designers from around the world the discover new possibilities and bring a fresh international perspective to their range.


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