Sjöstrand Stainless Steel French Press

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The gorgeous French Press from Sjöstrand enables you to manually brew coffee for an intense taste experience. It is crafted from stainless steel and it is double walled ensuring optimal temperature along with a press providing unparalleled filtration.  

  • Plunger can easily be disassembled for simple, hygienic cleaning
  • Sjöstrand French Press size: 800 ml/27 oz (approx. 3 bigger coffee cups)

How to use the Sjöstrand French Press:
Put coarsely-ground coffee beans into the pot. Add one rounded tablespoon of coffee for every 1.25dl/4 oz of water, or adjust amounts to increase strength. Boil water separately and let it cool until the temperature drops to 92-96° – the optimal brewing temperature for coffee. Pour in half the water and stir lightly before pouring in the rest of the water. Put the lid back on and let the coffee brew for 4 minutes. After 4 minutes, slowly press down the plunger and leave it for about a minute for a fuller, richer flavour.


Sjöstrand Coffee Concept was founded in 20111 because the founders, big coffee lovers themselves, wanted to have the convenience of getting a perfect espresso every time by just pressing a button while avoiding the unnecessary waste caused by aluminum capsules. Sjöstrand was created with the goal to change the coffee industry and create a company that would focus on both great taste and the environment. 

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