Free shipping to BENELUX & GER above 30€. France & AUT free above 50€




At CPHAGEN we always strive for quick delivery worldwide. We work with two shipping companies:

1. DPD with whom you have two options: Either directly to your home or to one of the DPD parcelshops near you. The parcelshop is also the place to pick up your delivery in case you were not home for the direct delivery. In that case you will be sent an e-mail or SMS once your parcel is ready to be collected. Do not forget to take a valid ID card when you come to collect your parcel. By default we always ship to the parcel shop nearest to your home address. 

2. DHL Express 


Shipping costs


DPD Parcel Shop

Home Delivery

Free Shipping 


7 €

7 €

      Above 30 €

Luxembourg, Germany, Netherlands

10 €

10 €

      Above 30 €

France, Austria 

10 €

14 €

      Above 50 €

Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Hungary, Ireland, Lithuania, Portugal, Spain, Sweden

15 €

20 €


Italy, Latvia, Poland, Slovakia, Slovenia, Malta, Monaco, Cyprus


20 €


Bulgaria, Croatia, Finland, Greece, Romania, 


25 €


Russia, Ukraine, Faroe Islands, Iceland, Norway, Switzerland, Turkey, Canada, USA, UK 


50 €


Australia, Brazil, China, Hong Kong, Israel, Japan, New Zealand, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, South Korea, South Africa, Taiwain, U.A.E, Mexico, 


70 €


The shipping costs above are automatically calculated during the online purchase based on the delivery address and option as described above. The shipping cost is stated upon approval of your order during the purchase process. For undelivered packages, CPHAGEN reserves the right to charge a fee equivalent to the shipping costs incurred by CPHAGEN for said order.


Taxes and VAT

  1. From one EU country to another EU country, there is usually no tax or customs charges since all EU countries are exempt from these charges because of freedom of movement of goods within the EU.

  2. To a country outside the EU, goods can be detained in customs and custom fees incurred. CPHAGEN is not responsible for the taxes, duty charges and custom fees.


Package size

There are certain restrictions on the size and weight of the parcels. In that case  we have indicated that you should contact us at so that we can find a good solution together. 

Delivery time

Your order will be shipped as soon it is possible and we aim at a delivery time of 2-5 business days in Belgium (except furniture from Via Copenhagen. The delivery here is approx 5 weeks, depending on when the order was accepted) and 5-10 days to the other countries listed above (except furniture from Via Copenhagen. The delivery here is 5-6 weeks, depending on when the order was accepted)

Delivery times cannot be guaranteed and should only be regarded as a guideline. CPHAGEN cannot be held responsible for delays when the estimated delivery dates are exceeded by the delivery firm or the local customs authorities.



You will receive a track and trace number via email when your order is shipped from CPHAGEN. With this number, you can follow your order from the sender until it arrives at its destination. DPD track and trace system will contain instructions for tracking your order. An order can usually be tracked 10 hours after the tracking number has been received.



If you wish to cancel your purchase (Right of cancellation)

When you shop at CPHAGEN you have the right to cancel your order within 30 days of the delivery date. You must, within 30 days after receiving your purchase, notify us that you wish to cancel your order. It is up to you to document your desire to cancel in time. We, therefore, recommend that you send your request to CPHAGEN via email to In your message of cancellation, you must clearly indicate that you wish to make use of your right of cancellation


You cannot cancel an order just by refusing to accept delivery; you must also clearly notify CPHAGEN that you wish to cancel your order.


You must notify CPHAGEN that you are making use of your right of cancellation. You must also send your purchase back to us within 14 days after you have notified us that you wish to cancel your order. You are responsible for paying the cost of returning the goods. You are also responsible for making sure that the items are properly packed. The invoice must be included with the returned goods.


Your right of cancellation expires 30 days after the day upon which: a) You received your purchase. b) You received and are in physical possession of the last item when one order included several items which are delivered separately. c) You received and are in physical possession of the last part of an order which contains an item made up of several parts.


The condition of the goods when you return them

You are responsible for any decrease in the value of the goods due to handling or using the item which was not strictly necessary to ascertain the functionality and qualities of said item. Or in other words, you can try out or test an item in the same way you would try out or test an item in a real, physical shop.


If an item has been tested or used in ways that exceed those described above, the item can be considered to be “used” which means that when you cancel the order you will receive less than the original purchase price or possibly no refund at all – depending on the commercial value of the item.


In order to have the entire original purchase price refunded, you may only try or use an item as you would do in a regular shop – again, you can test the item, but you cannot make prolonged use of it.


Return of purchase price

If you wish to return your purchase, we will naturally refund the original purchase price. In cases where there is a decrease in the item’s original value, you are responsible for this amount which will be deducted from the purchase price.


If you make use of your right of cancellation, we will refund all payments made by you including shipping costs. We will not, however, refund any extra shipping costs which you yourself requested – we refund only the standard delivery costs that we offer. Your refund will be made without unnecessary delays and at the latest 14 days from the date we received your notification of cancellation. We will transfer the amount back to you via the same payment method which you used to make the original purchase.


We reserve the right to maintain possession of the return payment until we have received the goods you returned, unless you present documentation confirming that you have returned the items before we have received them.


Exceptions to the Right of Cancellation

The Right of Cancellation does not apply to the following types of items:


  1. Delivery of goods which have been specifically made to meet the consumer’s specifications or which have been given a clear personalized look or quality. For example, if it has been made in a special size or dimension at the purchaser’s request.
  2. Delivery of goods which can quickly deteriorate or have passed their expiration date such as facial creams, cosmetics, body lotions, etc.
  3. Delivery of sealed goods that due to health or hygienic reasons are not suitable for return, or if the seal has been broken after delivery. For example skincare products, etc.


You lose your Right of Cancellation if you break the seal on an item that for health or hygienic reasons is not suitable for return.


If you change your mind about your purchase, the goods should be sent to:



Rue Africaine 108A

1060 Brussels



What should I return? You must include a copy of the invoice. Processing of your return will go more quickly if you fill out the standard return. Please note – we do not accept packages that are Cash On Delivery.



What if there is something wrong with my purchase?

CPHAGEN offers the guarantees provided by the law

CPHAGEN is not liable for odds, accident, misuse or wrong manipulation of an article by the customer.

An article with an acceptable claim will be repaired or replaced free of charge. If the costs of repair are disproportionate, the CPHAGEN reserves the right to replace the item or exchange it with a similar product.



It is, of course, necessary that the claim be genuine and warranted, and that the defect is not the result of improper usage of the product or other damaging or inappropriate behaviour.


How quickly must I make my claim?

You must file your claim within a “reasonable amount of time” after you discovered that an item was defective. If you make your claim within 2 months following the discovery of the defect, your claim will always be considered “in time” (assuming that you have made your claim within 24 months after the purchase).


We refund reasonable shipping costs if the claim is legitimate, we will naturally refund any reasonable shipping costs.


The goods must be sent to:



Rue Africaine 108A

1060 Brussels



We need the following information when you return an item to us:

Your name, your address, your telephone number, your email address, purchase date/delivery date and order number (if possible).

When you return an item, please tell us what the problem is and include as many details as possible. The more information you give us the better.


Remember that the goods must be returned in proper packaging, and don’t forget to get a receipt when you send the item (in order for us to refund your shipping costs).


Claim Procedure

If you want to make a claim concerning your purchase, please contact:



Rue Africaine 108A

1060 Brussels



If we cannot come to a satisfactory resolution to your problem, you can make a complaint to the relevant authority for this area as long as the necessary conditions are met. One of these conditions is that you must first make your claim to the company you bought the item from before you can take the claim to the relevant authority.