As a native Dane living abroad, I often miss the 'I want to buy everything' shopping experience that Nordic capitals like Copenhagen and Stockholm do so well. That thrill of finding beautifully crafted, modern and sustainable items that integrate perfectly with daily life.

When you are in Scandinavia* there is no limit to the number of great brands that just feel right. Furniture, homeware, wellness products, organic food, clothes, accessories and toys are always of great quality and made with timeless designs. They feel authentic, human and sometimes even wonderfully quirky.

Internationally, Scandinavians are of course well known for their design and modern cuisine but I feel that only a fraction of the most interesting products are currently readily available. And often the only brands out there are the very cheap or the very expensive ones.

That's why I decided to create CPHAGEN - The Nordic Concept Store.

We strive to offer you the best selection of Nordic design, whether well established or up-and-coming. Here you  get the real Nordic shopping experience.

And it doesn’t stop there. CPHAGEN will relentlessly follow what is happening in Scandinavia and pick the coolest lifestyle items for you, vintage or brand new.

Welcome to CPHAGEN. Your Nordic Happiness 

Thomas Petersen,

* Fun fact: Scandinavia encompasses Denmark, Sweden and Norway whereas the term 'Nordic countries' include Scandinavia, Finland, Iceland and the Faroe Islands. We use both terms interchangeably