VIA Copenhagen - Cleaning Kit for wood

VIA Copenhagen - Cleaning Kit for wood

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Guardian Wood Cleaner has been especially developed for the efficient cleaning and degreasing of indoor wooden surfaces that have not been varnished. The product is based on natural soaps – et universal cleaning agent for wood.

Guardian Wood Cleaner has been tested by the Danish Technological Institute and awarded the ”Indoor Climate Label”.

Mix Guardian Wood Cleaner respecting a 1-part wood cleaner and 2-parts lukewarm water ratio, then apply it to the wood using a soft sponge or lint-free cloth.
Applying a slight pressure, scrub along the grain of the wood.
Leave for approx 5 minutes and then remove using warm water.
If, once dry, the wood has expanded slightly, you can sand it along the grain of the wood using a fine sandpaper of grit 200 or higher.
After this procedure, treat the wooden surface with oil / soap.


Care set includes 200 ml Guardian Wood Cleaner

Soft sponge

Lint-free cloth

Using wood cleaner prior to oiling is always a good idea     

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