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Soft, light and warm 100% wool felt slipper in a slip-on style with a low heel cap and suede sole. Designed for men and women and made in Nepal, they will keep your feet warm and dry year-round. The wool contains natural lanolin, which repels dirt and odor. They are very comfortable to wear with bare feet with the added benefits of regulating temperature and absorbing moisture. 



  • 100% ethically sourced New Zealand wool hand felted in Nepal 
  • 100% suede leather sole 

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About Betterfelt

Betterfelt produces and sells Fair Trade certified wool felt slippers handcrafted by artisans in their own facility in Nepal.

The slippers are cozy, warm, and long-lasting, with a variety of timeless styles from slip-on slipper to boot styles in a wide range of unisex sizes so everyone can find something that suits them.

Their artisans each have their own unique signature that they stitch on the items they make so customers can see who has made their slippers.